What can I set in My Account?

When you are logged into the system, you can click on the 'My account' icon at the top right. Within my account you can view, modify and delete all details and information about your organization and contact person.

In addition to entering general information, you can see under all details whether you have a license and what this content. Upgrading and downgrading licenses cana be done in this screen.

On the right side, next to your data, you will find a number of settings. It is important to enter this. 

- Company logo;
- Company colors;
- Fonts settings.

By entering these settings, you can quickly enter your logo, corporate style colors and fonts when creating new templates.

Below that you will find Service Workers. When activated, all content is stored offline in the browser. Please note: when using our templates in combination with existing Digital Signage software, we do not recommend activating Service Workers. When using our solution as a standalone solution, we recommend that you activate this function.

Also you can add subusers to your account, more information and instruction can be find here: https://digitalsignage-templates.com/support/knowledgebase.php?article=7