How to use Power BI integration in DS Templates

Power BI in DS Templates*

For technical flow check: 

How to connect Power BI in DS Templates 

To connect your Power BI account, you need to take the following steps:

1. Login to our platform

2. Go to modules 

3. Open the Microsoft Module

4. Click on 'Make a new connection with Power BI'

5. Login with your Microsoft credentials and accept our application. After a successful login, the Power BI will be connected to DS Templates. 

6. Go to 'Create templates' and search for Power BI

7. Choose a template (Reports or dashboard). Click on the 'plus' icon to open the template

8. In the editor, click on 'Choose Power BI dashboard/report' and click on the dashboard/report you would like to embed. 

9. Click on the save button. 

Need help with publishing a template to your screen? Click here and scroll to chapter 8.

Notice: DS Templates is not responsible for extra costs from Microsoft Power BI. For more information, visit the Microsoft website or click here.

How to activate DS Templates caching for Power BI

It is possible to  activate caching for Power BI reports within DS Templates. This ensures that the embedded capacity (which is required) can be reduced. DS Templates offers two forms of caching, namely:

- On demand
- Scheduled

Both options take a screenshot of the report/dash that is displayed for a period of time. By showing a screenshot instead of the Embed from Power BI itself, the Power BI/Azure server is not called and therefore not loaded.


*It is highly recommended that you consult with a professional in this field prior to getting started with Power BI Embedded. DS Templates supports this but are not experts in content regarding Power BI licenses and content settings of Power BI and/or Azure.



I get a 500 error within my Power BI template, what's wrong?

Please check the following settings within your Power BI environment:

  • Tenant settings > Developer settings > Allow service principals to use Power BI Apps, enable this setting
  • Cog (top left) > Admin portal > Tenant settings > Developer settings > Embed content in apps, this setting should be enabled