How to use SharePoint integration in DS Templates

How to use SharePoint in DS Templates

With the SharePoint link of DS Templates you can display your SharePoint 'sites' on your screens. This link retrieves recent messages.

For technical flow check:

If you want to link your SharePoint environment with DS Templates, you need to take the following steps:

1. Go to Modules

2. Go to Microsoft Modules

3. If you are in the Microsoft Module, click on Make a new connection with SharePoint 

4. You will be redirected to the Microsoft login window. Make sure you have the correct rights to realize the SharePoint link. After successfully logging in within Microsoft, you can give DS Templates access to your SharePoint. After allowing this, you will be automatically redirected back to the platform. You will see the following screen:

5. The integration is complete. It is now important to create a template in which you can choose the right SharePoint Site. Go to Create Templates.

6. Then search for SharePoint in the search bar, you will then see the SharePoint template. Click on this template or place your computer mouse on the template. Then you can click on the 'plus' icon to open the template.

7. In the editor, click on Choose a SharePoint site. You will then see an overview of all available sites.

8. Then choose the site you want to show on this template. If you want to show multiple Sites, you need to create a SharePoint template several times.

9. Subsequently, all messages from your SharePoint are loaded into the template and displayed. You can now further adjust the template (colors, fonts, images) and provide it with the correct name. After saving you can publish the template on your screens.

Need help with publishing a template to your screen? Click here and scroll to chapter 8.